Concrete Coating

Why have an Evermount Polyaspartic concrete floor coating applied?

An Evermount Polyaspartic concrete coating offers your floor protection against -

- U.V. Rays
- Salt
- Heat and cold.
- Oil and grease.
- Rust
- Mildew
- Even Acid

Choose from a wide variety of colours to give your floor a shine that will last for years and years. Our vinyl broadcast decorative chips add style to your floor. The flexible capacity of our Polyaspartic coating allows for concrete shift, which means it won't crack or flake and this is why, unlike an epoxy coating, Evermount can give a 15 year guarantee, plus a lifetime warranty against UV. The coating, when dry, creates a seamless membrane that is easy to maintain, slip resistant and extremely resistant to abrasion, impacts and most chemicals. Along with all of these benefits, our coatings are environmentally friendly, eco safe. (LEED). The application process takes one day, which means that your garage is not held captive by a construction zone for several days or even weeks!
Apply our coating at your:

- Cottage
- Boat house
- Barn
- Patio
- Poolside
- Walkways

Selling your home?
Add value and curb appeal by changing that cracked, worn and pitted garage floor to a decorative and durable Polyaspartic coating.
Have your garage, boathouse, office, shop professionally coated in one day, winter, summer, spring or fall!

Commercial applications;
An Evermount polyaspartic concrete coating is a perfect, low maintenance solution for your showroom, shop or warehouse.

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